In early 2000's, with the help of MainStreet, Cleveland began taking baby steps toward revitalizing its once thriving, century-old historic downtown.

The building that now houses Catch has a long history, which we continue to research. Years of neglect had left this row of buildings all but abandoned. There were no residents, and very little commercial space being utilized.

When construction began, we weren’t quite aware of what we were getting into. The building was gutted almost completely.

Turning the upstairs loft into living space took years to complete. The downstairs did not yet have a plan, but my passion for food ignited the hope that one day it may house my own restaurant. Blasting the old paint from the building seemed like torture. Decades and layers of what once was, being polished back to life. After years of labor, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Cleveland had no seafood restaurants to speak of. My love of the Gulf Coast and Asian cuisines were polar opposites, but both are favorites of my palate. It’s not everywhere one can find a true New Orleans style Oyster Po-Boy and Japanese Blue-Fin tuna on the same menu…….So began the planning process, driven by my love of fresh seafood. Not long after our menu was conceived.

Thanks to the efforts of our City Officials, and their commitment to the restoration of historic downtown, slowly the area began showing signs of life. And thanks to the help of friends, family, and even a couple of strangers along the way….our labor of love has now paid off.

The building has been restored, a beautiful park sits behind our restaurant, the neighborhood is thriving and we are honored to welcome locals and visitors from all over. We’re happy to have created this place we call Catch. And we hope you enjoy it too.

Michael Poore, Executive Chef and Owner
Clay Walker, Co-Owner






233 Inman Street E
Cleveland TN 37311


M-Th 11am–9pm

Friday 11am–10pm

Saturday 5pm–10pm  

Sunday 11am–2pm